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Thursday, November 4, 2010

So where do we go now?

Will both sides have to get together to fight city hall for our library?
What do you think?


  1. If we do that, won't we be borrowing from vital services we need? I love the library, but I also think the police are necessary. Further, I feel that there's not enough money up for grabs to make the library what it was (or even maintain the current status quo) so even if we *do* fight and win, we could end up with a hull of a library with a serious reduction in quality and quantity of services.

    My initial urge was to flee, but that's not practical. I'm just not sure where we can go from here with regard to the library. We need to see if there are any truly viable options to fight for at this point, but honestly things look pretty bleak to me.

  2. Welcome to the age of the internet. Libraries use to be a place where people converged to further their studies through the books available at the time or to enjoy themselves as they got lost in a book of their choosing. Why would anyone take the time to visit a library for purposes of study when we live in the information age where you can just google the same subject matter and find countless articles about the subject for free without having to leave home or download the latest book. Arguing that a library should stay in it's place for the good of a city at such a high expense when so few people use it, is like arguing we still need lighthouses to warn boats they are about to run into the shore in an age where everyone uses gps. Yesterdays encyclopedia is todays wikipedia. Get used to it.

  3. You see, anonymous, I'm not surprised by your message. I assumed that while the opposition claimed they wanted the library as much as we did, that they were lying about that too.
    If you don't think libraries are relevant, I doubt you have ever been to Troy's. It is and always has been a thriving hub of our community. It's a place for groups to meet, a place for seniors to have book clubs, a place for the unemployed to get help with job searches, a place for children to attend reading groups, and a place homeschooling family's depend on for materials.
    When did you stop caring about our community? There are lots of cities with super low taxes and lousy services. Perhaps that would be more to your liking.
    My taxes have gone down $800 in two years. How low do you need them to go?
    Like most people, I moved to Troy for the sterling amenities that you all now want to destroy.
    How sad for you...and me.

  4. Wow, Anonymous has no idea what the library is used for. To him or her it's a place to take out books.
    Aside from the obvious hate TCU has for the City Council, maybe the problem is people don't realize what a vital hub the library is to the community. That's a shame.

  5. I looked at the budget---and the first thing I saw was to cut out the Parks and Rec department---I'd like to propose we cut that. That would raise most (not all) of the money that we need without too much cutting of the police force.

  6. In response to Melanie's comment above, see Barry's blog post at

    I don't know if this is still a viable solution? Maybe Barry can weigh in on this. Also, according to a couple of news sources, Councilman Howrylak is open to a small tax increase.

  7. Anonymous... more than 650,000 visitors found reason to visit Troy Library last year. It would be a learning experience for you to find out why.

  8. Yes Dave... Martin's letter indicated that half a mil should do it. The library was one of the best in the country just 3 years ago when the budget was $4.6M and still was the most efficient in Michigan (lowest cost per checked out item and lowest cost per visitor) for cities up with a population 50-100K. At $2.7M we cut purchases of new titles and other items by 50%, and at half a mil will cut another $500,000 and at 2011's assessment a .5 mil will be less than $2M (per Oakland County projections). Within 2 years, we will not be able to get a fraction of the materials that one can get at other libraries, and we no longer have a great library, we have a not even good library. Is that Martin's view of Troy?... less than average because it saves a buck in the short term?