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Sunday, November 14, 2010

So if the mandate was non-binding, and won't save the library, what was its purpose?

In the near future, these people, Troy Citizens United, are going to try many more new tricks to hurt our town. 
Just last week Ed Kempen said he is going to start up a new petition to change our city charter again! Pay attention, now. That’s like changing the constitution! 
And I ask you, do you want Ed Kempen tampering with the mechanics of our city government? He whose Library Mandate Petition turns out to be non-binding and will NOT save the library, even though he promised it would? 
If he had been paying attention back in September, he would have heard the city attorney say it probably would be non-binding, therefore it was pointless. 
But he didn’t listen. 
I can only assume that the true point of the mandate was NOT to save the library—it was to draw yes votes AWAY from Proposal 1 so that it would be defeated.
Proud now?
[UPDATE - after writing this I saw the new memo from the city attorney to the council which says this: "This initiative ordinance proposal is actually administrative, as opposed to a legislative initiative. As such, City Administration is concerned about adoption of administrative ordinances. Case law distinguishes legislative initiative and administrative proposals, and clearly indicates that City Council, as the elected entity, cannot defer administrative decisions to the electorate. Petition circulators were advised of these concerns prior to circulation of the petition. However, the charter is silent as to these distinctions." 
So, they were fully briefed that this mandate couldn't be used fr administrative purposes so my theory is probably true--The mandate was a fake designed only to draw away votes.]

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