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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Recent comments from the library website

Martin Howrylak I hold you resonsible to keep the library open.  You told people it could be done without new taxes, told them to vote No on the library proposals.  So, make it happen!   Keep the library open!  Troy without a library is a traversty.  It goes in the face of what we believe makes Troy a good place to live ---.
What is your plan to ensure the library stays open?  Please, let us know.
So what will happen to the library building after closing? Is there going to be grass and trees growing from its gutters? Maybe we will see tourists from Japan, Germany and China come and take pictures of it: the symbol of our intellectual decline. It may even become a source of revenue for the city so that our property taxes could be completely eliminated - at last.
I still believe that, in the end, Troy isn't going to let its library be closed. But still, if it IS closed -- what will happen to all the library's books and other materials? Will there be some huge sale or something organized by the Friends?
What about Martin Howrylak? If he is really for keeping our library open, why did he send out such a letter at the last minute? He is even more disgusting to me. I just suspect he has more sinister agendas. If we see later our library is privatized or out-sourced, and the out sourcing company is somehow related to Howrylak, I wouldn't be surprised. I just don't trust this council. As I said, they haven't made their best effort to keep our library open. We the residents will speak up on the election day.

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