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Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Politicians fighting against Troy Library - Bob Gosselin

Bob Gosselin
From his Wikipedia page:


Gosselin was born in Berkley, Michigan and attended Berkley High School. He attended, but did not graduate from Lawrence Technological University, where he studied engineering. He is also a licensed builder, licensed realtor and licensed heating contractor.[1]
In 1998, he was elected to the Michigan House of Representatives to represent the then-42nd District which included portions of Rochester Hills, Michigan and Troy. He was re-elected to the same seat in 2000. In 2002, after his district was consolidated into Troy and Clawson, he ran for and lost a Michigan Senate seat against incumbent Shirley Johnson in the 13th District. In 2004, Gosselin again sat in the Michigan House, this time representing the new 41st District.
In 2006, Gosselin became a candidate for County Commissioner in in the 13th District which includes the southern portion of Rochester Hills and a northern portion of Troy with a portion of Bloomfield Township. He narrowly unseated a moderate Republican incumbent, Will Molnar, in the primary. He handily won his general election bid for that seat.
He has sponsored various legislation to place the words "In God We Trust" and the Ten Commandments at the Michigan State Capitol in Lansing.[2][3] In support of this legislation, which ultimately failed, Gosselin traveled the state with fellow Republican Representative Jack Hoogendyk with the 2.6-ton granite tablets involved in the 2003 Justice Roy Moore Ten Commandments controversy.[4] Gosselin holds the controversial belief that the U.S. Constitution does not deliberately dictate a separation between church and state and instead is a mere protection of all religious beliefs.[4]
Despite his interest in government regulation of abortion and association of government with religion, Gosselin has maintained significant support for and from libertarians.[citation needed] For instance, he endorsed libertarian David Eisenbacher for City Council in Troy.[6] This is because of his strong opposition to state and local regulations, taxation and benefits. While in the legislature, he voted against every single budget citing overspending in State Government.[7] He was the author of a package of legislation known as "Michigan Citizens First," which cut welfare benefits from illegal immigrants. He consistently favored substantial cuts to government welfare programs.[8]
Prostitution and indecency allegations
In 2004, Gosselin was the subject of challenger Marty Knollenberg's (son of U.S. Congressman Joe Knollenberg) campaign mailings announcing his 1998 arrest in an undercover prostitution sting and arrest for indecent exposure.[9] Both of the charges against Gosselin were dismissed. When asked by reporters, Gosselin did not give the reason for the dismissal for the solicitation charge. He insisted that he "was on (his) way to a (plant) nursery, pulled over to look at a map and someone approached" his van. He could not address what happened next, saying, "I don't even remember the details about it." The-then prosecuting attorney later said that, in most instances, a case was dismissed in the district court if there was no evidence or if witnesses or the arresting officer failed to show in court. She would not offer further details.[9]
However, with Gosselin term-limited out-of-office, the younger Knollenberg became the Republican nominee for State House in 2006, defeating Mike Bosnic in the August 2006 primary. Bosnic, who also ran in 2004 in a three-way race against Gosselin, was endorsed by Gosselin in 2006. This was seen by many to be due to his neutrality on the alleged solicitation issue. Despite Gosselin's endorsement, Knollenberg won by 7%, or roughly 700 votes, over Bosnic.
How can Troy families fight against power like this to save the library for our kids?

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