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Monday, November 15, 2010

People cried while voting NO on Prop 1

Someone told me he knew 2 people who sobbed as they voted NO on Prop 1. And I’ll tell you why. It’s because they knew Prop 1 was the right answer. They knew we need a library. And they knew if we separated the library budget from the city budget we would have a lot less to worry about in the coming years where budget cuts will continue endlessly.
But how could they ignore the barrage of lies sent out by these people (see all the TCU deception posts)? If you use their information as your only source, you will think our city council members are crazy.
TCU wants us to blame city council for the fact that city revenues are down sharply, even though it’s due to simple recession economics. 
TCU knew if they could pin the budget problems on city council, rather than the economy, then next November they'll fill city council with anti-tax folks who think the answer to a tight-run city is to pay all employees way below market and to close all the city amenities.
TCU doesn't want citizens to know that Troy's tax rate is the lowest in Oakland County. No wonder we can't afford to fund our city properly. 
And if you voted NO on Proposal 1, please educate yourself on the issues next time. Don't take the word of anti-tax-at-any-cost folks. They don't care about education or books or community or property values. 
They care about short term tax savings at the expense of long-term security.

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