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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Our savior! The mandate petition

It was a bit sad to attend the city council meeting last night.
Many people paraded up and said that while they do want a library, they don't want to pay for it, but they knew good old Councilman Howrylak would help them keep ours.
And they had reason to feel that way. In the days before the vote over our citizen written proposal to save the library, which would have securely funded our library for 10 years at an average cost of $100 per year per household, Councilman Howrylak sent out a letter to tell people to vote it down!
His final pitch was to assure voters they only need sign a petition for a mandate to force the city to have a library. Now, the city attorney has told us already that this mandate was a waste of time, as it inappropriately mandates an administrative issue. So the mandate turns out to be a nothing that will be set aside by council with a snicker. I knew that long before Mr. Howrylak wrote in his letter:
In order to ensure the operation of the existing library as an integral part of the city government, I encourage you to sign the Library Protection Ordinance initiative petition. Success of this petition will allow for the library to be maintained without creating a new governmental entity and without overtaxing property owners. It is a proposal vastly superior to the ballot questions. 
At the meeting, Ed Kempen, the writer of the petition, proudly showed off his 1500 signatures and said he would submit them to the city clerk tomorrow, November 9, 2010. I can't remember the exact words he used, but it was something like, "We won't have a grandiose library as we're used to, but it'll be A library."
Please remember this date, because apparently, now that the petition is in we will have a library!
Yay! Cue the balloons! Cue the trumpets!
So Mr. Howrylak, tell me about the library plan!!!!
Oh, that's right. You don't have a plan. And after next June 30, 2011, we won't have a library.
The only plan was a bait-and-switch joke on the people of Troy.
Ha, ha, ha. Look at those suckers, they voted against their interests again.


  1. My favorite part about the petition debacle was how proud he was that it took FORTY PEOPLE to get 2500 signatures.

    Really? You needed THAT MANY people to get THAT FEW to sign your cute little unfunded mandate???

    This is why the rest of us need to SPEAK UP MUCH LOUDER NOW!

  2. I am speaking up and working to listen and problem solve at this point. But, seriously, I honestly believe Rhonda Hendrickson had the most logical, viable approach articulated with Proposal 1. I am so proud of her for that. And so disappointed it went down in this way.