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Saturday, November 20, 2010

On Transparecy: A Tale of Truth in Troy 2010

For weeks, every time I point out a misleading fact in a tea-drinking political group's talking points, I get accused of being any one of the following:

-- stupid
-- uneducated
-- ignorant
-- Liberal (not that there's anything wrong with that, except that it's spit at me like I'm a leper)
-- un-Patriotic
-- over-sensitive
-- melodramatic
-- did I mention stupid?

See, digging around for the facts behind the claims sets some people off. They don't WANT anyone to know the facts behind the claims even though they toss around words like "transparency" and "truth" with every breath. Their brand of Patriotism is better than anyone else's, and if you point out that they've mislead you...they will ban you from their online sites, they will insult you, and they will accuse of you bullying.

Voting down the library millage and the prior millage last February meant that they were guardians of transparency in the city budget. Except their form of transparency means publicizing budget items that no longer exist. Their form of transparency means sharing the total cost of a city employee in hard numbers, but calling it total compensation. Their form of transparency means allowing a city council member speak for them...a council member who is perhaps not even a Troy resident, and is certainly not a tax-paying resident, nor a parent in our schools. Their form of transparency means often outright lying about what was or was not done with city monies.

Their form of transparency is a sham.

These people take part in these transparency games daily, speaking at our council meetings, circulating petitions and mailings, and commenting on news stories or Facebook pages or on local blog sites. They use their real names. It doesn't take a Google genius to then find out who they really are. They are local accountants, consultants, business owners, and more.

I ask you: do you want to do business with someone guilty of these tactics? Would you want that kind of transparency in financial dealings over which they have power and control? Would you support a local business who allows an employee or owner to regularly mislead the public with mathe-magician accounting practices? DO YOU WANT THEM ON YOUR CITY COUNCIL IN THE FUTURE?

If someone has to twist facts that can be easily verified with very little digging...what are they doing with the information not so readily available? How else are they manipulating voters and citizens?

Many innocent and sincere Troy residents were conned by groups who claim to want transparency. Good people who truly wanted to save the library believed the silver-tongued devils who promised to do exactly that, knowing full well there was no money for it. Hard-working citizens voted down the only viable option to save the Troy Public Library because they were told THERE WAS A PLAN.

There is no plan.
The petition does nothing.
We're right back where we started.

To paraphrase Walter Kelly, we have seen the enemy in Troy...and they are among us.

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