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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Oakland County Tea Party taking "credit" for defeat of Proposal 1?

Rumor has it that Oakland County Tea Party leader Glenn Clark is proudly taking victory laps over the defeat of Proposal 1. Clark is the former director of the Christian Coalition of Michigan and Chair of the Republicans 9th District.
Oakland County Commissioner Bob Gosselin  gave $500 to the NO campaign is apparently taking credit for the three fake proposals. I'm STILL hearing from people who wondered why there were all those proposals on the ballot.
And then there's Michigan State Rep Tom McMillan, who lives in Rochester Hills and recorded anti-Prop 1 robo-calls that were used before the election.
Why are all these party bigwigs mucking around with the Troy library? 
Why do we have to fight against political operatives to keep our library open for our kids?

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