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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

No voters

Well, now I would like to know how many of the No voters who defeated Proposal 1 last night really do want a library, as they claimed. And what they are going to do to keep it open?
Or is it really that they just don't care about the library and don't mind if it closes?
I guess now I get to be a spectator.


  1. No voter here,

    Why should I work with any one that calls me unethical and far worse. One does not join forces with the Klan.

  2. No voters are not unethical but the no campaign was--3 extra proposals, 4 page mailer filled with incorrect numbers and councilman's disinformation letter? You have a right to vote however you like. Just wish they didn't have to cheat to win.
    And the question here remains--do you want to save the library or not?