Friday, November 19, 2010

Next Monday's City Council Meeting

Here is the agenda for next Monday, Nov. 22, Troy City Council meeting. 

Note underlined items of interest.

November 22, 2010: Regular Meeting

Call to Order

A-01 Call to Order

Roll Call

B-01 Roll Call

Certificates of Recognition and Special Presentations

C-01 Certificates of Recognition and Special Presentations

Carryover Items

D-01 Carryover Items

Public Hearings

E-01 Public Hearings

Public Comment

F-01 Public Comment

Response/Reply to Public Comment

G-01 - Response to Savage - Signs on Big Beaver Backup Material

Postponed Items

H-01 Postponed Items

Regular Business

I-04 - Troy Nature Society Startup Seed Money Request Backup Material

I-05 - Ratification of Contract-TFSOA 2011-2014 Backup Material

I-07 - Declaratory Action-Kempen Petition Backup Material

Consent Agenda

J-02 - City Council-Regular-Draft - 11.15.2010 Backup Material

J-03 - National Family Caregivers Month-November 2010 Backup Material

J-04 - SPR 3 Snow Removal Rental Equipment Including Operators Backup Material

Memorandums and Future Council Agenda Items

K-01 Memorandums

K-02 Future Council Agenda Items

Council Referrals

L-01 Council Referrals

Council Comments

M-01 Council Comments


N-01a - Employees Retirement System - Final 07.14.10 Backup Material

N-01b - Employees Retirement System - Final 09.08.10 Backup Material

N-01c - Liquor Advisory Committee - Final 10.04.10 Backup Material

N-01d - Employees Retirement System - Final 10.13.10 Backup Material

N-01e - Board of Zoning Appeals - Draft 10.19.10 Backup Material

N-01f - Liquor Advisory Committee - Draft 11.08.10 Backup Material

N-02a - BidNet On-Line Auction Services - October 2010 Backup Material

N-03a - LofA from Madison Heights Police Dept. Backup Material

N-03b - LofA from Macomb County Sheriff's Dept. Backup Material

N-05 - State of Michigan-Hearing for Electric Customers Backup Material

N-06 - Enbridge Oil Spill-Marshall Michigan Reimbursement Backup Material

N-07 - Salary-Fringe Benefits-City Mgr-Cty Atty-Dept Directors Backup Material

N-08 - Police Grants Report Backup Material

N-09 - Closure Plan for Troy Public Library Backup Material

Study Items

O-01 Goals and Objectives

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