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Monday, November 8, 2010

Local Fox News story from last week

The story perpetuates Howrylak's claim that we never could have had the library's assets which is just a lie. He deserves to be censured.


  1. Many people have stated this is a matter of free speech. Martin Howrylak is, indeed, entitled to free speech. Councilman Howrylak is not. He cannot imply in his “letter” that he is speaking for the city council when he is not. He cannot make statements about future council actions when the decisions have not yet been made. Whether or not this is a violation that merits censure by the Troy City Council, it is certainly a violation of the ethics expected of an elected official.

  2. Censoring posts that conflict with your ideology?
    Lets try this again, just in case it was a computer or operator error:
    in 2004 the city council could not give away or sell city property for a convention center. The matter had to go before a vote of the people (it failed.) Is not the library the same?

  3. Yo, anonymous -- I didn't post this the first time because it didn't make sense and since you didn't leave any contact information I couldn't ask.
    I am banned from more sites on your side than you could imagine.
    It still doesn't make any sense to me, but...enjoy.