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Friday, November 26, 2010

Kempen's latest petition and Troy's low property millage

While Kempen/Howrylak/TCU & Co. stand by to see how much their last petition is going to cost Troy, whether it's $90,000 for a special election, or forcing the city to lay off a passel of cops to pay for a two-bit library, Kempen has yet another petition coming. 
First I'll say, Kempen tells a friend of mine that we shouldn't blame him if the the library petition goes to a special election--it wasn't his fault because he didn't want to do it in such a way that might force a special election - but he was "over-ruled." 
Wait...what? Kempen was "over-ruled" about how he filed the Kempen petition?
Over-ruled by whom? If you ever wondered if Kempen was a puppet of bigger fish like Howrylak/Gosselin, well... now you know. This is also more proof that the petition was merely a stunt to draw votes away from Proposal 1. 
OK, so the latest is in the Oakland Press:
Troy resident Edward Kempen, who filed the petition with the Troy city clerk on Nov. 9, said: “It’s important that we understand the implications to the city and the implications this petition would have on the budget. Ultimately, the city council has to respond to the request of the citizens.”
and just in case the court goes against Kempen's first petition:
In a pre-emptive move, Kempen and his group, Friends of the Library with no New Taxes, are circulating a petition to amend Troy’s city charter. The petition states: “In order to assure affordable access to quality local library service, and to honor the spirit of Section 2.2(W) of this charter, the city of Troy shall dedicate funds from its general operating fun sufficient to operate and maintain a public library open to the public for not less than 55 hours each week.”
Kempen needs at least 3,000 signatures to place the proposed city charter amendment on the Nov. 1, 2011, general election ballot.
So, finally they have worded their petition properly. I guess in their haste to kill Prop 1 they didn't have time to make it clear the first time around.
But this one is much bigger. It will change the city charter. And it will guarantee that we can never create an independent library.
It will also strangle the city budget. As I have said before, Troy has an extremely low tax rate compared to other cities, and due to the 2008 Amendment, passed by Troy voters, there is no way to raise taxes except through an election (which the TCU/Kempen/Howrylak & Co will lie cheat and steal to win). 
Troy city council is not incompetent. They simply have decreasing funds and no way to raise revenues, so their only method of balancing the budget is to slash, slash, slash our budget.
Our taxes are plummeting and our services will plummet.
The Troy Citizens United constantly say that Troy taxes are the highest in the area. That is a big ol' lie. Our millage is locked. Look at the mills of other Oakland County communities. Also, many of these communities fund their libraries with a separate millage. 

Troy 9.2800
Rochester Hills ** 9.3700 
Novi 10.5416 
Auburn Hills 10.5602
Bloomfield 11.1200
Farmington Hills 11.6072
Royal Oak 11.6860
Birmingham 14.2221
South Lyon 16.0601
Farmington 15.4019
Southfield 16.3428

Northville 16.3650
Clarkston 17.8556
Madison Heights 18.0021
Pleasant Ridge 18.2328

What kind of library will we get, squeezed out of that millage rate?
So what are we going to do, folks? 

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