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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

An interesting anonymous comment from the Oakland Press

" Troy City Councilman Martin Howrylak deserves more than censure for his actions leading up to the recent library millage vote in Troy--he deserves to be removed from the council completely. His active role in Troy Citizen's United's campaign of deceit against the citizen-led Proposal 1, marked by multi-page mailers and his own personal letter filled with intentional misinformation and incorrect equations relating to taxable amounts if the millage passed should have him and the leadership of TCU in court. They set up their "unfunded mandate" library campaign to further confuse voters, and witnesses report seeing their supporters harassing voters entering voting precincts, a clear violation of election law. 
A recent letter writer defending Howrylak, refers to him as a "citizen" of Troy. Until just a few weeks ago, a check of Martin Howrylak's address on google listed him at two residences--one in Ann Arbor, the other, his parent's home in Troy. Does he even live and pay property taxes here?
Howrylak conveniently missed every budget meeting concerning the library’s future last spring. A coincidence? If he had information about secret budgets and money available for the library then, he should have called a press conference back in April, instead of using his influence as a city official to sink the best hope the Troy Library will likely have to again be what it was--the last remaining jewel in Troy's increasingly tarnished crown. If this is the kind of "truth" the Tea Party offers, Americans should run the other way. "



  1. Martin Howrylak has never paid a cent of real estate tax in the City of Troy!

  2. Well, let's petition the guy off city council, dammit!

  3. Would that we could. Don't you know? He's very popular. The guy has actually done some really good things. He's just been a total creep about the library.
    However, if we could prove some of this... Well, that would be interesting.