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Thursday, November 11, 2010

"Humbled" by the defeat of the library - Who is so subtly proud?

In today's Troy Times, a Troy Citizens United (TCU) leader says he is humbled by the group's defeat of the last-ditch effort to save the library.
Who is so humbled? 
Martin Howrylak's dad. 
Read it and weep...

Closing the book?
ELECTION 2010 Troy library tax defeated, new petition circulates
TERRY OPARKA C & G Staff Writer
Published: November 11, 2010
Troy voters narrowly defeated a tax hike to establish an independent library board Nov. 2. According to unofficial results, Library Millage Proposal 1, which garnered the most votes of the four library proposals on the Troy ballot, failed by 677 votes.
"I'm humbled by the vote," said Frank Howrylak, spokesman for Troy Citizens United, "It reinforces what I've always believed: Once people get the facts, they vote on them."
Hmmm. Is that what happened? Please check into the 14 or so deceptions perpetuated by TCU literature to kill the library, covered elsewhere on this blog.

More from the article:
"This was a grass-roots effort," said Rhonda Hendrickson, president of the Friends of the Troy Public Library. The Friends and Citizens to Save the Troy Public Library spearheaded Library Proposal 1.
"We ran a campaign that was truthful and with integrity in a very distasteful political environment in Troy," she said. "There was confusion and deception from the get-go," she said, referring to the other three library proposals on the ballot. "It should have been an up and down vote. It's shameful that it wasn't." She said that the Friends do not support Kempen's initiative "in any way." "It's going to cost us a special election in February and not prevent the library from closing July 1."

If TCU folks weren't so busy being humbled,they might be downright ashamed.

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