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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Freedom of speech, TCU style

Back in the fall of 2009 I heard about the trouble the Troy City Council was having balancing the budget. No surprise there, since the recession was causing property tax revenues to go down and the 2008 City Charter Amendment that capped our tax millage rate has locked Troy in at a devastatingly low rate.
I went to the meeting with a friend and for the first time saw the Troy Citizens United in action. They would stand up at the microphone before city council and claim that council members were all liars, incompetents and fools. They would claim any number of falsehoods that city council and staff would correct, and then the next TCU leader would stand up and say the same disproven things all over again.
Then after seeing how the Troy Citizens United cheated and lied their way through two elections, many of us right thinking citizens started speaking out against TCU at city council meetings.
We’ve been doing precisely what TCU members and leaders have long done. We told the people of Troy what we believed. What happened?
One TCU leader said he didn’t like the “tenor” of our comments. This was a particular gentleman who had railed against city council continuously and lied for TCU, not to mention that he’s part of the machine that sends out those ludicrous 4-page mailers that are filled with dis-information. He also spoke of our inappropriate “anger” as his own face turned bright red and veins stuck out on his forehead.
Another TCU leader, who had constantly paraded a series of lies before the council (the city council paid for the red bricks at an intersection, transit center costs $9 million, blah,blah,blah) and never waited around afterwards to hear the council correct him, called me and another anti-TCU woman the “High Priestesses of Name Calling.” I kinda liked the artistry of that name, though it wasn’t true. We weren’t calling people names. We were calling their underhanded activities underhanded.
Councilman Howrylak then threatened me, saying his good buddy could sue me for libel for repeating what his buddy had said. (Huh?) Howrylak said I could say whatever I liked about council members because they are public figures, while his friend was not. Really? A man quoted as a Troy Citizens United leader in various newspapers is not a public figure? Hmmm. And I can't repeat devious things the TCU admits to me? Oh. I must have missed that in citizenship class.

Conclusion: TCU folks can dish it out, but they can’t take it.

More evidence?
I was long ago banned from TCU’s Facebook page for showing my anger over the February election. Admittedly I expressed it in an inappropritate manner (I’ll admit mistakes, they never will), so I can’t blame them for censoring me, I guess. However, since then I often see TCU folks praising themselves for being pro-Freedom of Speech, I remain surprised by what I see on that page. Yesterday a fan of TCU quit the group’s Facebook page because 1) They refuse to say who is the secret moderator of said page and 2) they silence detractors for, in their words, being bullies at city council meetings.
Now that’s rich! The people who have beaten up on the mayor and city council for a year have now got their panties in a bunch because we speak back to them? Do they ban folks for being rude toward the mayor or councilmembers that TCU doesn’t support? No. Of course not. They will ban people who speak rudely to their own prized Councilman Howrylak—the man whose father gave $500 to the anti-Proposal 1 campaign run by TCU, the man who sent a letter to 3,200 Troy homes lying that a new library could never have the current library’s assets, the man who told people to go ahead and sign the Kempen Petition instead because it was a “better plan” even though all of them knew it was not going to work!
Oh, I see. Howrylak’s the good guy. I guess I have a hard time understanding that because I understand the TRUTH!

Conclusion: TCU folks can dish it out, but they can’t take it. 

My favorite example of the TCU/Troy Tea Party’s anti-Freedom of Speech attitude comes from Janice Daniels’ Guest Opinion piece from the Oakland Press. She wrote about how much Republicans LOVE freedom of speech:
If you look back to the Republican Platform of 1856, you will read a concise, well defined plan of specific actions designed to defend such things as the citizenry’s right to bear arms, clear opposition to slavery, and the right to free speech.
Then she proceeds to tell Republicans not only how they are allowed to act and think, but what language they must use (Democracy is a dirty word, I guess 'cause it sounds like Democrat--brilliant--so they have to use Republicanism) and what their motto MUST be:
So, RINOs must chant: “I will use the phrases American Republicanism, liberty, freedom and Representative Republicanism in place of the word democracy for the rest of my life.”
So since everyone keeps saying I am a "name caller", perhaps I should indulge them. 
I have to conclude that people like the TCU bunch -- who tell everyone else how to act and then act the opposite way -- are simply a bunch of hypocrites.


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