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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dumbing down the library

Now the plan is coming out. The politicians are telling us that what Troy needs is a lousy library, if they can save it at all.
Prop 1 would have maintained our library at the sterling level we've loved over the years. It would have cost the average family $8 a month--that after most of us have seen our taxes go down hundreds of dollars a year. 
So the idea is, now we can have a crummy library by firing a few police or ripping out other programs we all want. Oh yes, and anti-taxman Howrylak claims he wouldn't oppose a half mill tax increase.
Of course in June he promised voters in private and from his city council pulpit that he WOULD NOT OPPOSE A LIBRARY MILLAGE UNDER 1 MILL.
He didn't tell the truth there either.
So how are our leaders describing the library they may be kind enough to let us have?

  • Wade Fleming says "it won't be the library of the past." 
  • Ed Kempen says, "It won't be grandiose, but it will be a library."
  • Marty Howrylak told the Tea Party on Tuesday night that the problem with Proposal 1 was that it sought to fund a "top-notch" library. He said we don't need that. We only need what we can afford. Of course, we could have easily afforded a great library via Prop 1. But Howrylak sent out letters and backed the TCU/Troy Tea Party in all of its lies about what Proposal 1 meant, so thanks to Marty, we don't get to have a good library and maybe, come July 2011, we won't have one at all.
Do you really think all the people who voted NO knew that Howrylak's plan was to fund a crappy library? Did Kempen's proposal say we needed a junk library, or did people believe that he intended to keep the library we already have? Actually, I noticed very clearly that his mandate petition asked for "a library." When I argued with a man who was getting signatures in front of the library about how very little the mandate mandated, the man told me, anyone would understand "a library" means this library. I argued with him that as a legally defining sentence, "a library" meant only "a library." And that's exactly what Kempen is saying we'll get--not "grandiose" just "a." Well, sir with the clipboard, you unknowingly helped deceive hundreds of Troy residents. Proud now?

And may I ask why Howrylak is telling his plan to the local Tea Party/Troy Citizens United 24 hours after REFUSING to tell the people of Troy at the city council meeting. 
I mean, doesn't he serve the people of Troy and not the Tea Party?
Guess not...


  1. Sharon,
    Reading this keeps pissing me off. The previous "anonymous" quote is interesting, but frustrating, reaking of lawyers fees if anyone attempted to go the route of trying to prosecute anyone. I guess I could write city council folks--hell, I'd even volunteer to read for a kids story hour to keep that part of a library (and I'd allow sibling to attend)--but it really sound like an uphill battle after TCU having thrown the library under the bus.

  2. Hey Deb,
    I know. I feel like I'm greiving. I wonder how many people know they've been flim-flammed. And this is just the beginning! Ed Kempen mentioned at the end of his speech Monday that they are planning to change the City Charter (like a Constititution) again soon.
    Because people aren't paying attention they are destroying our city with little resistance!
    Spread the word!