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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Continued city salary nonsense

Today during the city council meeting the old saw was raised again about salaries.
A leader of the TCU kicked off this evening's public comments by saying that 5 of the top paid city employees make over 1 million dollars per year. She said that she's tired of all that mumbo jumbo about contracts and stuff. Just fire folks if they won't take massive pay cuts and replace them with "regular people" she said.
The way the story goes is that they add up every dime in salary people make, every possible perk, pension, healthcare dollar paid out by the city/employer, then add liabilities to that, for example, add money set aside for possible sick days or workman's comp (which often are never paid out and are then rolled back into the company funds).
Usually, however, they call the whole thing salary.
I object because I know people listening think to themselves, "Well, jeepers, my salary is only $80,000 a year! Why should that clown at city hall make $150,000?"
I guess they're going to set that striaght next week.
Contributor Sue Martin has written this on Facebook:

Regarding city salaries: a memo explaining the salary structures will be given at next week's council meeting. In brief, however, the figure that is often shared includes a 3-tiered system. Tier 1 - base salary. Tier 2 - benefits. Tier 3 -- liabilities. Tier 3 is often NOT PAID OUT to anyone; it accounts for sick leave, etc. Therefore, the "salaries" so many love to share are NOT true representations of what is paid out to an employee.

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