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Saturday, November 6, 2010

City Council Meeting Monday Night, Nov. 8, 2010, including Censure Hearing

Troy Citizens United will be out in full force to claim the people have spoken overwhelmingly against Prop 1, which of course is not true.
Can't wait to hear Councilman Howrylak tell his buds that he's for a half mill increase! Huh?
Here's the agenda from Troy's website.
If backup links don't work, please go to the city's Web page.
Starts at 7:30pm. 

Call to Order

A-01 Call to Order

Roll Call

B-01 Roll Call

B-02 Installation Ceremony

B-02b - Rules of Procedure of the City Council Backup Material

Certificates of Recognition and Special Presentations

C-01 Certificate of Recognition and Special Presentations

C-01a - MML Workers Compensation Award Backup Material

Carryover Items

D-01 Censuring of Council Member Martin Howrylak Backup Material

Public Hearings

E-01 Public Hearings

Public Comment

F-01 Public Comment

Response/Reply to Public Comment

G-01 Response/Reply to Public Comment

Postponed Items

H-01 - Paint Creek Center for the Arts-Regional Arts Awards Backup Material

Regular Business

I-04 - Investment Policy & Establishment of Investment Accounts Backup Material

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