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Friday, November 12, 2010

Chicago blogger on Troy library

"I will never say I am ashamed to be an American.

But this morning, I am ashamed to say I grew up in Troy, Michigan.  And here's why.

Last night, roughly 30,000 voters chose not to approve a millage that would continue the operation of the city's library and create a separate library board to run it.  Now, a petition will have to be brought to the city council to ensure that the library stays open and funded.

I can't imagine my hometown without a library, but unless something drastic happens, it won't.

Here in Naperville, we are blessed with an award-winning library system. The kiddos, my husband and I use it quite frequently.  Scott reads on the train in to work and back home.  Kate and Danny love storytimes and the children's play area at the Nichols branch.  And I have found again my joy of reading, finding new authors and books to love and reconnecting with some classics.  It's also great for those movies we missed out on in the theater, which in our case is most of them.

Now, imagine Naperville (or Aurora or Downer's Grove or wherever you happen to be)without a library.  Sad, huh.  This is what Troy is faced with in the coming weeks and months.  All because, in my opinion, voters decided to take their anger out on something that enhances the livability of their city when it should have been directed at the city council itself.

The kiddos and I will be hitting the library today, in fact.  That is, after a visit to the dentist.  :)    Take advantage of your library and other services your town or city has to offer.  You never know when they may disappear."

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