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Friday, November 26, 2010

As Troy's Library Closes, Clawson's Library Re-opens

In the article "Expanded Clawson library ready to reopen" from Monday, November 22, 2010, the Daily Tribune covers the re-opening of Clawson's Library after $15. million of upgrades. Read the article in full here.
Staff writer Michael P. McConnell writes
Patrons can check out the city's newly expanded and upgraded public library when it opens Monday.
"We have wonderful new areas for children and teens," said Blair Memorial Library Director Elizabeth Gulick.
Workers added about 4,000 square feet to the library, which is now more than 10,000 square feet.
Clawson voters in 2009 approved the $1.5 million bond to fund to expand the library. The 10-year bond is expected to cost the owner of a house with a taxable value of $60,000 about $30 a year.
Prideful Troy gets a mention too:
City Manager Mark Pollock said residents of smaller communities tend to support and more willingly fund their libraries than larger cities like Troy.
Troy voters defeated millages for their library Nov. 2 and the library has been cut from the city's budget for next year, which will likely shutter the library unless some cuts are restored. Facing a $22 million revenue shortfall over the next four years because of declining property values, Troy officials have made deep cuts to city departments.
"Obviously, we believe the library expansion adds real value to the community," Pollock said. "We're extremely pleased and believe the residents will welcome and embrace the opening as much as we do."

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