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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Who is funding both sides of the Library Proposal 1 campaign?

You can see the legal, public details of the campaigns at the Oakland County Courts Website.
The Pro-Proposal 1, or Citizens to Save the Troy Public Library (CSTPL) folks' records are here.
The Anti-Proposal 1, or Troy Citizens United (TCU) folks' records are here.
The facts that are notable to me are:

  1. The Pro-Prop 1 folks have raised $33,000 to the TCU's $3,700. The pro-library Proposal people have raised nearly ten times as much.
  2. Of the Pro-Prop 1 $33,000, $15,000 came from the Friends of the Library, which is a legal donation. Most of the other $18,000 came from donations from Troy businesses, both large and small and private donations from Troy residents of $10 to $200 each. 
  3. Of the TCU's $3,700, well over half, or $2,100, came from 4 people. -- $1,000 came from John Witt, a leader of the TCU as described in countless newspaper articles, $500 from Robert Gosselin, a current Oakland County Commissioner and leader of the TCU, $200 from Frank Howrylak, councilman Howrylak's father and $400 from Deborah Debacker, also of the TCU. They have also BORROWED over $1,000.
It reminds me that following the February election, which TCU leaders told us was all about fiscal responsibility, that TCU was in the hole for $3,000 and had to beg to raise money AFTER the election.
So much for fiscal responsibility, especially the old saw -- don't spend money that you don't have.

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