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Monday, October 18, 2010

Troy Citizens United Deception #1 - 2 mills

In the Troy Citizens United four-page flier that they have sent out to absentee voters and they will send out right before the election, there are many, many, many untruths. If they took out all of the incorrect and misleading information, it would be a 1/2-page flier!

Deception #1
CLAIM: The TCU is claiming that the library will cost 2 mills because Michigan state library laws allow an independent library to charge up to 2 mills. They back it up with confusing legal language from the state's website.

TRUTH: This is odd, because Proposition 1 asks for less than 1 mill--0.9885 mills--for 10 years. By definition that means that Prop 1 caps the library budget at that level for 10 years. They can't raise the mills before that 10 years is up. TCU folks argue that other libraries charge up to 2 mills, but so? We will be locked in at the .9885 rate and that's that.


Also, their wacky $86,000,000 claim is based on the 2 mills, so that's incorrect as well.

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