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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

TCU Deception #9 - Troy will get $86 million from Proposal 1 - Lie upon lie upon lie

Deception #9 and not done with the first page!
The mailers proclaims, "Troy doesn't need another $86,000,000 of your money!"
A whole lotta crazy!!!
First TCU claimed that Troy's Library Proposal 1 will raise 2 mills, but that's not true. By definition, Proposal 1 asks for 0.9885 for a capped ten years. It cannot be raised until after 10 years by a vote of the people. So they are basing this number on 2 mills, which is not accurate.
The first year, Proposal 1 will raise $4.3 million for the library. But Oakland County says Troy property values will continue to fall for the next 4 years. That means this budget will slide down for the first 4 years as well.
Even if our property values froze solid for the next 10 years, Proposal 1 would raise half of what TCU claims -- $43,000,000. But divide that by 10 and you'll see that it's simply a reasonable library budget to pay for salaries, programs, utilities, materials, etc. If they put all that money into a library, there would be no money left to run it!
This deception inflames the conspiracy theory that the Friends of the Library want to build a new building. But they can't. This will only be enough money to run the library, hopefully at the same quality levels as in 2009, for 10 years.
Don't listen to their noise. The TCU will have a victory party if the library closes.
Please vote yes on Proposal 1 and No on the other, fake proposals.


  1. Sharon,
    Thanks for this, and I passed this along to some other folks.
    Now, okay, this may be the critiquer in me, but you have gone to several of the City Council meetings, haven't you? I know you do your homework; I'm just trying to lend you some cred. I'll admit--I haven't, I just stay home in my pajamas and flip through that channel on my way to DWTS (which, by the way, will someone please vote of Bristol Palin? Enough already!), so again, thanks for doing this legwork on any deception that's out there.

  2. Hi Deb!
    Yes, I attended the last three meetings, plus many of the meetings last winter over the special millage election. Back then and now I have seen such a disturbing level of dis-information that I just had to do something! Too some this may seem to be about philosophical points on taxation, but to those with young families in Troy this is our lives they're toying with.
    Please show the latest one about the budget/transit center stuff. This may be what had convinced your husband, but make hime read it. Their argument is based on falsehoods and there's plenty of proof.
    Do they know they're lying or are they just not bothering to do their homework?
    Maybe I'm going a little kooky, by someone has to speak up for the smart middle!