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Friday, October 22, 2010

TCU Deception #8 - City Council closed the library on Saturdays this year - Of course not!

The mailer claims that city council decided to close the library on Saturday, the busiest day of the week, to use the library as a "political pawn."
Not True!
Yes, the city council did decide to close the library permanently as of next July, a decision no one was happy with. But it was the library management, not city council, that made the decision to cut Saturdays after having to lay off 7 employees on July 1, 2010. No,  it wasn't to make us mad. They were responding to a 30% budget cut by the city. They also cut all the programs, because while they can have materials donated, the library doesn't have enough staff to run these programs.
They must keep the library open 55 hours per week to continue to get funding from the State of Michigan. And because it takes so many workers to keep the library open on Saturday, the director decided to close it Saturday, when many neighboring libraries were open, so they could keep it open the other six days of the week.
The people who support Proposal 1 cannot be apologists for city council. We just want to keep our library open. The library will close next July. Only the passage of Proposal 1 will keep it open.

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