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Friday, October 22, 2010

TCU Deception #7 - Because people voted NO on the February millage they'll vote No on Prop 1

The mailer says, "Just a few months ago 63% of Troy Voters said NO to a tax increase. Tell City Council NO means NO!"
Again, this is not a city council initiative, so defeating Proposal 1 will not tell city council anything except that Troy doesn't care about keeping a library.
Good news!
I have spoken to several people who voted NO in February but are voting YES on Proposal 1. Some thought the Feb. millage was too nebulous. Others think the library is the most important city service that we must save. This is NOT a partisan issue--it's a LIBRARY ISSUE!
Please vote YES on Proposal 1 and no on the other, fake proposals that were brought to you by TCU.

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