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Friday, October 22, 2010

TCU Deception #6 - The "mandate" will keep the library open - Not really!

The mailer says that if you support the "Mandate Petition" the TCU is currently distributing, we will save the library with no new taxes -Voila!
Not True!
First of all, the wording of the mandate petition is shockingly insufficient. They don't ask to keep the "current" library building open with no funding, they ask for "a" library to stay open 55 hours per week. What does that mean? A garage and 5 magazines? The city could comply with ease to that with a few hundred bucks.
We want a real library!
Also, if they get the 2,000 signatures needed, the city council still needs to approve it. If the city council does NOT approve it, there has to be a SPECIAL ELECTION on the mandate within five months, costing more tens of thousands of dollars.
It is time to vote for SECURE, SUFFICIENT FUNDING to keep our library open and operating at the full quality as in the last fiscal year, before the city cut the library funding by 1.4 million dollars. Proposal 1 will take the library out of the city's control and out of politics.


  1. How can you argue that an elected board will take the library out of politics?

  2. Maybe you're right Dan. Maybe some wackos will run who will say let's shut it down. I sure am naive when it comes to the ugly politics in Troy.