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Friday, October 22, 2010

TCU Deception #5 - The new library board would be a "taxing authority" - ridiculous!

The TCU mailer claims that the new library board created by Proposal 1 to manage the library would be a "taxing authority" and would be able to raise taxes and secure bonds at will.
Not True!
Actually this was created out of thin air. It would be like saying a school board would be able to raise taxes whenever it wanted to. That's ridiculous. The taxes we're talking about are exactly the ones we're VOTING ON. Passage of Proposal 1 would add 0.9885 mills onto our property taxes and be capped at the level for 10 years. The city attorney made it clear that if anyone wanted to raise the millage, it would have to be approved by the people of Troy and it wouldn't go through until after the initial 10-year period is ended.
If their cause is so just, why do they have to lie?
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