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Friday, October 22, 2010

TCU Deception #4 - "30.6% tax increase"

TCU's 4-page mailer hints that if Proposal 1 wins it could be a (large red letters) be a "30.6% increase in city property taxes."
This is one of their most cynical deceptions, just like the 29% they claimed in February.
Right now, the City Government portion (NOT including state, county, school and community college taxes) of our tax bill (see to learn your tax information) is 9.4 mills. Proposal one would add 0.9885 mills to that for a total of 10.3885 mills. That is a 10.5% increase of the city portion only. In my case, it would be an increase of $108.62 per year, or $9.05 a month to keep the library open.

So what did they do? Add up all 4 proposals? The one the Pro-Library people researched and wrote and all the others they tossed in to make trouble? Doesn't matter. The state limits an independent library to receiving 2 mills in tax funding. Troy's city attorney has said that if more than one of the proposals gets a majority Yes vote, she will recommend that the city accept only one. Thus the millage would be under 1 mill and capped for 10 years. An increase of 10.5 %. Nobody wants all 4 proposals to pass, least of all the Citizens to Save TPL who wrote Proposal 1. TCU people added the rest of the proposals which they are now telling people to vote against!?

Many Troy citizens have already noticed that in February TCU claimed a 1.9 mill increase would equate to a 29% tax increase and now they claim a 0.9885 mill increase would be a 30.6% increase? 
Their numbers just don't add up. Troy Citizens United will do ANYTHING to promote their no-tax-at-any-cost ideology, including letting the library close. 
I want my kids to grow up in a hometown WITH a library.
Please don't let these cynical ideologues win. Vote YES on Proposal 1 and NO on the 3 fake proposals.
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