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Friday, October 22, 2010

TCU Deception #3 - Telling people to vote NO on all 4 tax increases

The folks at TCU have started distributing lawn signs that say "Vote No on all $ Tax Increases" because they would like voters to believe that the PRO-library folks put all 4 of those proposals on the ballot.
Citizens to Save Troy Public Library put 1 and only one proposal on the ballot--Proposal 1. They did that after months of research looking into the best possible way of keeping our library open, secure and well-funded. Then the anti-tax-at-any-cost crowd copied the Citizens' language and tossed up three more proposals in an effort to confuse and anger voters and, most importantly, to suppress the vote. And then they blame the PRO-library people for all 4 proposals???
If their cause is so noble, why do they have to cheat?

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