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Thursday, October 21, 2010

TCU Deception #2 - Hinting that Troy City Council wrote Proposal 1

The anti-tax-at-any-cost crowd has sent out its 4-page mailer which may sully your mailbox as early as today.
For anyone who knows any little detail about our city government and our library Proposal #1 it is an extremely painful document to read because you know either these people don't know ANYTHING and just make stuff up or the are intentionally lying because they so desperately want the library to close to score a win for their own selfish ideological motives.
A city of 85,000 people without a library? That's crazy! But they'll stop at nothing to make it so.

Deception # 2 is the line at the top of the first page: "Here they go again! Using the library as a pawn for a backdoor tax increase!"
They are hinting that Proposal 1 is a city council driven initiative.
Not True!
Neither the city nor city council wrote this proposal. In May of 2010, Troy City Council voted to de-fund the library for the entirety of the upcoming 3-year budget. The Citizens to Save Troy Public Library (CSTPL) heroically stepped up to the plate, researched the possibilities of keeping the library open and chose the option of trying to get a millage passed to support an Independent Troy Public Library.
In this case the city CLOSED the library to balance its upcoming budget. The Friends stepped up to do something about it.
Were Troy Citizens United members at the table begging to keep the library open? No. They showed up after all the work was done and started playing political dirty tricks to SUPPRESS THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE TRYING TO KEEP THE LIBRARY OPEN.
This is not a Troy City Council millage, it's a library millage.
Please save the Troy Public Library! Vote YES on Proposal 1 and NO on the fake proposals and DON'T sign the Mandate Petition to Nowhere!

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