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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

TCU Deception # 14 - The new library board would have the "power to issue debt"

Skimming down page 2, because I've already disproven these 'inaccuracies', here's another...
The TCU claims - 
"The Tax Increase Will: Add 6 more elected official with the power to run the library, issue debt and ask for more tax increases in the future."
Mostly true! Yay!
The true parts are that the library board will have the power to 1) run the library and 2) ask for more tax increases in the future.
Yes, they will run the library and they CAN ASK for tax increases after the 10-year period of this millage is over. That doesn't mean they will get them. Only the people can VOTE FOR AND APPROVE a millage for the library--which is obviously why we're having this election.

The Not True part
The board will NOT be able to ISSUE DEBT. They will have to work within their budget, which will be ruled by the millage amount = 0.9885 mills.

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