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Saturday, October 30, 2010

MONDAY ALERT: Councilman Howrylak's Ethics hearing 10am

Looking at the Troy City Council Code of Ethics, which you can read here I do see the one that Mr. Howrylak appears to have breached.
"As a member of Troy City Council, I will: Recognize that an individual council member has no authority to speak or act for council."
I was at a recent meeting at which Mary Kerwin followed that rule and said something like, she did not intend to speak for council but this is the kind of thing we've done in the past and may likely do in the future.
In Mr. Howrylak's letter he writes "The current library facility, books, computers, etc. are and will be property of the City of Troy. Therefore any new library district will need to find a new building, buy books, computers, etc."
He says this as fact. 
And it is not a fact.
I have been in countless meetings, both city council and Proposal 1 related, where responsible people say that nothing is guaranteed, the new library board has to be in place and then negotiations have to occur and then city council has to vote. This is how the decisions on the library assets will be made.
By claiming he knows how these negotiations will go and how council will decide he is speaking for all of city council.
The truth is he doesn't know what will happen to the assets.
The right thing to do, if Proposal 1 passes, is of course to let the people of Troy transfer the assets of the city department public library, that will close in June of 2011, to the new Independent Public Library. The assets do not belong to Mr. Howrylak, nor to city council. They were purchased with the PEOPLE'S money.
No doubt Mr. Howrylak believes he can fool uninformed voters into voting against our library.
Please vote yes on Proposal 1.

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