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Monday, June 19, 2017

Sunil Suvaraman lost bid for School Board, will run for Troy City Council

Can you judge people by the company they keep?
Mr. Suvaraman is proud to pose with Dave Trott, Doug Tietz, Martin Howrylak, and Donald Trump...

Sunil Suvaraman with Dave Trott and Doug Tietz

Sunil Suvaraman and Martin Howrylak

Sunil Suvaraman and Donald J. Trump cutout

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Janice Daniels shames herself again

Troy's least favorite bag lady took to the microphone at a Sterling Heights City Council meeting and shamed herself yet again, a few months ago. If you missed it you can take a look here:

Former Troy Mayor Janice Daniels Speaks Against Mosque in Sterling Heights (video)
by Crystal A. Proxmire, Feb. 22, 2017
Sterling Heights, MI – Former Troy Mayor Janice Daniels, who was recalled in 2012, made an appearance in Sterling Heights Tuesday for a City Council meeting to share her views about the Islamic faith.
“If I heard you correctly Council, you were talking about spending $1 million on playground equipment and yet there’s a legal argument that you don’t have any funds to fight against a political ideology whose goal is ‘Death to America.’  You’ve got your priorities wrong,” Daniels said.
Sterling Heights Mayor Michael Taylor interrupted her remarks, stating “Mrs. Daniels you’re out of order, sit back down.”

Read the rest now at Oakland County Times.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

David Wisz proves how appalling he is

An oldie but a goody!
Ultra racist friend of Doug Tietz (current Oakland County Commissioner and District Director for US Rep Dave Trott) and Janice Daniels speaks to Troy City Council in 2011, while the audience groans, boos and jeers.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Voter and Buyer Beware! Rocky Raczkowski is out there!

When Rocky Raczkowski went all leader-y on the multi-story apartment issue before Troy City Council this past spring, he set up a "Go Fund Me" account to raise money to stop the approval and construction.

Interesting. The money was to go to a group called Troy Residents Information on Facebook. There is no group called Troy Residents Information on Facebook. And when you search for the "group" on Google, nothing comes up but Rocky's Go Fund Me page. Hmmm...

What's concerning is the word "ME" in Go Fund Me.

Rocky has a slimy history of raising money from old people and veterans to run for office, except then he doesn't run for office...

Kinda makes you wonder how he used donors' $3,125 money for that campaign... Did he create literature? What did he pay for? 

Or did the money go straight to Rocky? Would that be legal?

Was there ever a Facebook page? Or did he take it down because now the city is being SUED by the developer whose project was lost due to Rocky's leadership? 

Just curious.

He certainly has a lot of scandals in his past -- and they ALWAYS seem to involve ripping off innocent people with big-time scams. Remember this one?

Tickets Plus and its boss Andrew “Rocky” Raczkowski defrauded concert promoters of “millions of dollars” by destroying and hiding ticket stubs for three days of concerts by Kiss, John Fogerty and Kenny Chesney at this year’s Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota, the promoters claim in Federal Court.
What a guy.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Severed heads? Conservatives would never?

Everyone is saying that conservatives would never have posted images of Obama with a severed head.
They must have forgotten about the illustrious Friend of Janice Daniels -- Paul Smith, former councilman of Sterling Heights. They must have forgotten the Tea Party which put many of today's pols in power.
And when you look at the video (link below) look 30 seconds in and you'll see Doug Tietz, a perennial Keep Troy Strong favorite. Yup, he hangs out with Paul Smith too.

Can't believe it? Watch the video we took the stills from that had 1,000 views before Keep Troy Strong unearthed it.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Marty Knollenberg Answers!

Last week, we wrote to Marty Knollenberg with a question. We asked if he bore any responsibility for the man-made disaster currently poisoning the people of Flint?

His office replied. His complete reply is reproduced below, along with our response back.

Dear KTS:



Mike Murray
Chief of Staff
Senator Marty Knollenberg

(517) 373-2523


Dear Marty,

I find your response to my question utterly glib.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised, though. You conflate glibness with leadership. That's something you do on a regular basis. I can prove it by looking at your “leadership.” Let's review, shall we?

When you “led” the fight and introduced the bill to eliminate straight party voting in Michigan, people were, rightly, concerned. Naturally, you received an inquiry about why an appropriation was added to the bill. Your office informed your constituent that the appropriation was added at the request of the Ingham County Clerk.

What you didn't realize is that this constituent would follow up on your claim. This constituent contacted the Ingham County Clerk. As it turns out, you lied. You did what the politician always does: You blamed someone else for something you did purposefully.

And what of SB 571, the election law bill designed to silence municipalities? It was passed in dead of night at the end of the year, with changes described by the Michigan Municipal League as a “complete gag order on local officials" and "a disaster.” Of course, you voted in favor of it. (Roll call vote #655, pg. 2083.)

Let's not forget your recent performance at a Senate Education Committee meeting. In discussing how economic disadvantages and being nonwhite contribute to failing schools, you stated, loud and clear, “I know we can’t fix that. We can’t make an African-American white. That's just, it is what it is.”

Tell me: Was that simple glibness, sheer incompetence, or outright racism? It's probably a bit of all three, because you tried to clear it all up by explaining, “I have an African-American employee who works for me.”

So you'll forgive me if I don't take your glib, “No.” as an answer. Emergency Manager Act was foisted upon the people of Michigan. You supported it. The people of Michigan overrode the law by citizen veto. It was passed, again, adding a referendum to ensure the voice of the people of Michigan was ignored. You voted for it a second time.

The result of which is clear: Rick Snyder used the Emergency Manager to erase the duly elected voices of the people of Flint. That led to a man-made disaster and the poisoning of thousands. A disaster, which, according to Rick Snyder, will cost an estimated $767.4 millions dollars. $712.8 million to replace public water lines and $54.6 million for private water lines.

So I'll ask my question again: Do you bear any responsibility for the man-made disaster currently poisoning the people of Flint? Because if you, as an elected official who enacted the law, are not, who is?

You might want to take your time and answer these questions fully. Because lives have been irreversibly damaged and the people need more than glib answers.

We look forward to reading your response.