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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Monday, July 24, 2017

Don't sign the anti-Town Center petition!!!!!

Please, if you live in Troy please DO NOT sign the petition about the Troy Center Development. The holder will claim the petition is intended to give the right to vote on city development. What it will do is end the ability of the city government to do its job and go into standard contracts that it has always done.
Some examples? From the city attorney, if the ballot proposal the petition supports succeeds, all of these agreements (and far more!) would probably have to be added to November ballots every other year:
  • The agreement with the Troy Historical Society for use and management of the Troy Historic Village.
  • The agreement with the Troy Racquetball Club for the use and management of the tennis courts on the civic center site.
  • The agreement with Camp Ticonderoga, leasing the restaurant building and parking facilities.
  • The agreement with Troy Beaumont Hospital, allowing Beaumont employees to park in the south part of the Flynn Park parking lot.
  • The agreement for the Troy Baseball Boosters and Troy Cowboys and others to use the sports fields in City parks.
Really? We want to spend our days micromanaging the city government? No, what would happen is that the anti-taxers would all vote down everything and we would lose it all.
This is where I came in back in 2009.
This is a disastrous mess, brought to us by Marty and Frank Howrylak who brought Troy to its knees back in 2008-2012 by trying to close the library and the nature center and kill off everything about Troy that made it special. Not to mention -- the Howrylaks brought us Janice Daniels. Case closed.

PLEASE don't sign the petition until you are sure you really know what it means.
Read the whole city memo here:

Monday, June 19, 2017

Sunil Suvaraman lost bid for School Board, will run for Troy City Council

Can you judge people by the company they keep?
Mr. Suvaraman is proud to pose with Dave Trott, Doug Tietz, Martin Howrylak, and Donald Trump...

Sunil Suvaraman with Dave Trott and Doug Tietz

Sunil Suvaraman and Martin Howrylak

Sunil Suvaraman and Donald J. Trump cutout

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Janice Daniels shames herself again

Troy's least favorite bag lady took to the microphone at a Sterling Heights City Council meeting and shamed herself yet again, a few months ago. If you missed it you can take a look here:

Former Troy Mayor Janice Daniels Speaks Against Mosque in Sterling Heights (video)
by Crystal A. Proxmire, Feb. 22, 2017
Sterling Heights, MI – Former Troy Mayor Janice Daniels, who was recalled in 2012, made an appearance in Sterling Heights Tuesday for a City Council meeting to share her views about the Islamic faith.
“If I heard you correctly Council, you were talking about spending $1 million on playground equipment and yet there’s a legal argument that you don’t have any funds to fight against a political ideology whose goal is ‘Death to America.’  You’ve got your priorities wrong,” Daniels said.
Sterling Heights Mayor Michael Taylor interrupted her remarks, stating “Mrs. Daniels you’re out of order, sit back down.”

Read the rest now at Oakland County Times.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

David Wisz proves how appalling he is

An oldie but a goody!
Ultra racist friend of Doug Tietz (current Oakland County Commissioner and District Director for US Rep Dave Trott) and Janice Daniels speaks to Troy City Council in 2011, while the audience groans, boos and jeers.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Voter and Buyer Beware! Rocky Raczkowski is out there!

When Rocky Raczkowski went all leader-y on the multi-story apartment issue before Troy City Council this past spring, he set up a "Go Fund Me" account to raise money to stop the approval and construction.

Interesting. The money was to go to a group called Troy Residents Information on Facebook. There is no group called Troy Residents Information on Facebook. And when you search for the "group" on Google, nothing comes up but Rocky's Go Fund Me page. Hmmm...

What's concerning is the word "ME" in Go Fund Me.

Rocky has a slimy history of raising money from old people and veterans to run for office, except then he doesn't run for office...

Kinda makes you wonder how he used donors' $3,125 money for that campaign... Did he create literature? What did he pay for? 

Or did the money go straight to Rocky? Would that be legal?

Was there ever a Facebook page? Or did he take it down because now the city is being SUED by the developer whose project was lost due to Rocky's leadership? 

Just curious.

He certainly has a lot of scandals in his past -- and they ALWAYS seem to involve ripping off innocent people with big-time scams. Remember this one?

Tickets Plus and its boss Andrew “Rocky” Raczkowski defrauded concert promoters of “millions of dollars” by destroying and hiding ticket stubs for three days of concerts by Kiss, John Fogerty and Kenny Chesney at this year’s Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota, the promoters claim in Federal Court.
What a guy.